About Us

CDN for large-scale live streaming with realtime sub-second latency

WebRTC experts CoSMo Software, and streaming infrastructure experts Xirsys (also known as Influxis), came together to design a unique WebRTC-based solution that would match current CDNs in terms of reach (all devices), quality, cost and scale, while providing, real-time, sub-second latency.

Millicast is a WebRTC-based realtime CDN for large-scale live streaming with sub-second latency, across all devices, without special plugins or protocols. Originally built to replace Flash (RTMP), Millicast is the first live streaming CDN based on true end-to-end WebRTC and reduces the latency from publisher to viewer to less than 500 milliseconds.

HLS and MPEG-DASH are the current standards for HTTP-based live streaming, but these designs are inherently slow and must add delay to manage quality and scale. Typically, these protocols produce latencies of 10-60+ seconds, which may be acceptable in many live streaming use cases, but not when real-time latency is critical like in sports, betting, bidding, trivia, financial news, VR, gaming, etc. Millicast solves this problem by providing global, sub-second live video delivery that scales to any size audience.